Social Security

1. Protect Social Security:
Obama and Biden are committed to ensuring Social Security is solvent and viable for the American people, now and in the future. They are strongly opposed to privatizing Social Security. As part of a bipartisan plan that would be phased in over many years, they will ask those making over $250,000 to contribute a bit more to Social Security to keep it sound.

2. Strengthen Retirement Savings:
Reform corporate bankruptcy laws to protect workers and retirees. Require full disclosure of company pension investments. Eliminate income taxes for seniors making less than $50,000 per year. Create automatic workplace pensions. Expand retirement savings incentives for working families. Prevent age discrimination by strengthening the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and empowering the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to prevent all forms of discrimination.

3. Provide cheaper prescription drugs:
Obama and Biden will allow the federal government to negotiate for lower drug prices for the Medicare program. They also support allowing seniors to import safe prescription drugs from overseas.

4. Protect and strengthen Medicare:
Obama and Biden are committed to the long-term strength of the Medicare program. They will reduce waste in the Medicare system and will tackle fundamental healthcare reform.

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